Battle Styles Set Completion Spreadsheet - Pokémon TCG

April 14, 2021

Sometimes, it gets really difficult to keep track of all your Pokémon cards without a proper checklist. We tend to forget which card belongs to which set, which type it belongs to, if it's rare or not, and a lot of other confusions. Although the booklet you get from ETBs can help you keep track of your cards, it still isn't as efficient as this dedicated spreadsheet for Battle Styles Set Completion that our team at CuraCards spent time putting together.

In this spreadsheet, you'll get - 

✔️Huge set list with a total of 183 Cards, 123 in the Reverse Set and 306 in the Master Set (All Cards you can pull from a Booster Box).

✔️ Keep track of all the different attributes of your Cards, like their types, rarity, set, quantity, etc.

✔️ All you have to do is add the quantity in the box right next to the card you pull.

Instructions - 

  1. Click the “View Google Sheet” option.
  2. After downloading the spreadsheet, go to "File" and click on "Make A Copy."
  3. And now, open packs, pull cards, and mark them off.

Big shout out to Tony from More Dragons Studio for helping us put this set list together.

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